Sunday, 8 December 2013

MTTB | New Product Packaging Now Live

Just recently Matt Lloyd took another step further with MTTB. After watching the webinar about the new changes made, I would like to share one with you today. There have been a lot of comments and discussions about both negative and positive side of MTTB. These new changes are important both for MTTB, affiliate members and  MLR partners.  
The Marketing Director of MOBE Michael Force, who Matt Lloyd brought him in recently put all the changes in into place that brings MTTB to next level.  In today’s article, I will look at one change only which is:
Product Packaging
In the old squeeze pages, there were no graphics attached to them. Simply a plain landing page. Now with the new changes, you can now have product package blended with the sales funnel. But why product packaging? Let us take a look at 5 of the importance of product packaging and why these changes were important and add value both for MTTB and partners as a whole.

Improve shelf visibility. Poor packaging of any short of product, whether it is a digital or physical product can go unnoticed. So having a unique product packaging can be very valuable as an attention grabber of making a sale or action. Prospects will actually get a glimpse of what the product is, how it would look like before actually getting to the product inside. 

Create a Brand identity. Having a branded package like MTTB is essential because prospects or buyers will differentiate from competitors and know that it’s MTTB.

With quality comes attraction.  Having a product that is well package will attract more prospects and buyers. What stands out from the competition will include eye catching appearance of what the product is like on the inside that you actually get on the outside. 

Building trust. When having a brand product package, consumers will have more information by just looking at  the graphics. By already visualizing what it is, they will already build the like and trust factor within themselves. 

Functionality and satisfaction. By looking at the product package, it communicates the functional benefits of it.  Both text and picture will educate prospects, visitors and consumers and attract their interest with an engaging claim.

As you can see below is one of the MTTB new stunning product package. In the package, clearly you can identify series of videos and who is behind the scenes. Anyone seeing the package gets a glimpse of what exactly MTTB is having for them. You can see now that this packaging graphics now included in squeeze pages.

As a business owner, you will also be happy to have a professional looking product package, which in line with what products you have and quality of your business. You can check out the new squeeze page here 

Below is a video of how Fay Mclean earned $1,188 from one solo ad with MTTB

Check out the free video, on how you can make 1k, 3k and 5k with MTTB here

Have a blessed day and I'll see you on my next post

From the desk of My Top Tier Business Reviews - See more at:

Have blessed day and I'll see on my next post 

Have a blessed day and I'll see you on my next post - See more at:
Have a blessed day and I'll see you on my next post

From the desk of My Top Tier Business Reviews - See more at: