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MTTB | New Product Packaging Now Live

Just recently Matt Lloyd took another step further with MTTB. After watching the webinar about the new changes made, I would like to share one with you today. There have been a lot of comments and discussions about both negative and positive side of MTTB. These new changes are important both for MTTB, affiliate members and  MLR partners.  
The Marketing Director of MOBE Michael Force, who Matt Lloyd brought him in recently put all the changes in into place that brings MTTB to next level.  In today’s article, I will look at one change only which is:
Product Packaging
In the old squeeze pages, there were no graphics attached to them. Simply a plain landing page. Now with the new changes, you can now have product package blended with the sales funnel. But why product packaging? Let us take a look at 5 of the importance of product packaging and why these changes were important and add value both for MTTB and partners as a whole.

Improve shelf visibility. Poor packaging of any short of product, whether it is a digital or physical product can go unnoticed. So having a unique product packaging can be very valuable as an attention grabber of making a sale or action. Prospects will actually get a glimpse of what the product is, how it would look like before actually getting to the product inside. 

Create a Brand identity. Having a branded package like MTTB is essential because prospects or buyers will differentiate from competitors and know that it’s MTTB.

With quality comes attraction.  Having a product that is well package will attract more prospects and buyers. What stands out from the competition will include eye catching appearance of what the product is like on the inside that you actually get on the outside. 

Building trust. When having a brand product package, consumers will have more information by just looking at  the graphics. By already visualizing what it is, they will already build the like and trust factor within themselves. 

Functionality and satisfaction. By looking at the product package, it communicates the functional benefits of it.  Both text and picture will educate prospects, visitors and consumers and attract their interest with an engaging claim.

As you can see below is one of the MTTB new stunning product package. In the package, clearly you can identify series of videos and who is behind the scenes. Anyone seeing the package gets a glimpse of what exactly MTTB is having for them. You can see now that this packaging graphics now included in squeeze pages.

As a business owner, you will also be happy to have a professional looking product package, which in line with what products you have and quality of your business. You can check out the new squeeze page here 

Below is a video of how Fay Mclean earned $1,188 from one solo ad with MTTB

Check out the free video, on how you can make 1k, 3k and 5k with MTTB here

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Have a blessed day and I'll see you on my next post

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

3 Disadvantages of My Top Tier Business

We have looked at the advantages of My Top Tier business on the previous post. In this article, I would like to provide few points on disadvantages of my top tier business. In the following paragraphs are the disadvantages of My Top Tier Business.  

Cost.  This first point is somewhat depends on individuals on how they view it and their status in business. Someone with very little money will definitely regard this as the disadvantage.  And almost everybody will see it that way. For others that know themselves as investors they will see it as an opportunity.  However, Matt provided an option for those on tight budget to run their business on 4 months installments deposits. This gives you the opportunity to profit and recover you investment on the first month.  Far more, you get free personal coaching.

More efforts.  Anyone with My Top Tier Business model will need to put in efforts to find and sell the high ticket products. You will make phone calls, meetings and continue to follow up on your prospects. However, the good news is My Top Tier Business created by Matt Lloyd is somewhat the opposite.

Phone sales team is provided for you and email follow-ups. In additional to that, Free 1 on 1 personal coaching is included to show and watch over your shoulder, giving you what, where and how to make the high ticket sales happen for you super-fast. That means, with less effort and few sales per month you will earn full-time income with my top tier business.

Similarity with MLM structure. My Top tier business, models top tier business structure which almost like MLM. Many will associate top tier business as MLM and paint a picture of a pyramid scheme. When having that similar structure, people will find it hard to convince prospects that it is not a pyramid scheme. However, top tier business can be your lucrative business if it is properly done and that’s why you will be coached on 1 on 1 basis when running your My Top Tier Business. 

In this video is a heavy  bona fide heavy metal rocker made $35049.65 and got his free Mercedes in less than 30 days.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

10 Advantages Of My Top Tier Business

 Every business opportunities have pros and cons associated with them. In this article am going to provide the advantages of My Top Tier Business There are ten (10) advantages of My Top Tier business if we are to look closely to it. Here are the advantages in no particular order

 1.    Free one on one personal coaching
There are also opportunities out there that offered the same service. As far as I know some cost around $50,000 just for the mentorship. In MTTB your mentor will take you through the 21 step for free. In addition to that, there is also 30 days traffic plan outlined for you, which you will then assign a traffic coach apart from the 21 steps coach.

 2.    21 step by step process
These 21 step process provides a clear direction that takes you from newbie to everything you need to become successful online entrepreneur quickly. As you go from step 1 to step 21 you become more and more knowledgeable about online marketing and the business itself

 3.   High payout affiliate commission
MTTB offers a high affiliate commissions to members. You will earn 50% from every front end sales you make and 90% of every sale you make at the back-end. If you take this into account you will actually earning 140% commissions in total. And lastly, you will also receive monthly residual income month after month.

 4. Phone follow-up sales team 
Phone follow up is one of services that most businesses use and sometimes affiliates and partners have to do that. This is something that not everyone is comfortable with.  Most of your sales will be done by your phone team and they do that for you for free even when you sleep or swimming in some holiday resorts somewhere. That leaves you and your time driving traffic  
  5. Email follow-up system done for you
Apart from the phone team there is an email follow-up system done for you as well. Every client you send them through the system will receive follow-up emails doing promotion and selling for you.
        6. Licensing program
After getting massive success result with licensing, it has now become one of the core advantages of My Top Tier business. This will fully maximize your profits and all the benefits with the business. You do not need to have your own product to do this. But you will have license rights to all the products and can use and sell them.

 7.  Multiple products
There is no one product that you are going to have. In my back office in the time of writing this there are 30 products. This has the advantage for you to sell more of the products to the same customer adding value to his or her business and personal development. 

8. High ticket products
High ticket products will earn you big commissions selling them. Earning bigger commissions will enable you to pay for your advertising and still leaving you on a healthy profit.

9 .   $500 money back guarantee.
MTTB is designed to get you in profits in 30 days.  Matt Lloyd himself is so confident that if you don’t make money at the end of the 30 days, then he will pay you back $500 into your PayPal account. However, there are 21 steps and skipping requirements in those steps will forfeit your guarantee.

10.  Digital products
Digital products are instant when it comes to delivery and payments. This will allow clients to receive their products instantly without delay.
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Here is another favorite post just 2 days ago from Jo Botting.
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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Myth Of Getting Results Online

Have a personal one on one coaching. This is one of the pillars inside my top tier business. My Top Tier Business is providing one on one personal coach for free. Lots and lots of people tried to make money online the harder way and getting results even harder. 

There are also other programs that provide quality coaching programs apart from My Top Tier Business. Which I personally recommend, grab that opportunity whenever you are confronting it. Sometimes, it’s expensive as well. 

Let me just point out six importance of having a personal coach and why it is guarantee you to get results quickly. 
1. You have someone to hold your hand
2. You gain immensely from your coach/mentors experience
3.  You can brainstorm your ideas
4. You have a devil’s advocate
5. You save a lot of time and money
6. You get Access to proven internet marketing methods

My Top Tier Business also provides this missing link and these coaches are and will assign to you for free. The mentor will guide you making your $1000 commission online in 30 days.  Watch the video below as Elena talks about one on one coaching with MY Top Tier Business

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Free I.M Revolution Guide

If you are reading this, you probably want to know more about My Top Tier Business. Now guess what? you are in the right place. Most people who try to make money online don’t know what they are doing, but don’t worry I have been there before too.

The reason why is that, we are not taught the real truth about marketing and starting a business online. In this I.M Revolution guide Mat Lloyd will tell you why everything you heard about online so far in the past is a lie. The Truth about why 97% of the people online started online failed and only 3% of people making 90% of money online. The reason probably is because they don’t want to share the REAL secrets to making online with you.
Inside I.M Revolution you will discover the 4 main leverage points that transformed Matt’s business into a multiple 6 figure income, in less than 3 months and how you can do exactly the same. You will discover the single reason why you’re not making as much as money as you would like in your online business.This is by far one of the best I.M guide i ever have in my possession today.

Inside the blue print you will able to tap into Matt’s experiences, his wisdom and avoid tremendous timely and financial mistakes that cost him upwards of $40.000 when he started in 2008.
This I.M book is for you if you want to make more money as little time as possible.
Grab your FREE I.M Revolution copy now below

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