Sunday, 17 November 2013

3 Disadvantages of My Top Tier Business

We have looked at the advantages of My Top Tier business on the previous post. In this article, I would like to provide few points on disadvantages of my top tier business. In the following paragraphs are the disadvantages of My Top Tier Business.  

Cost.  This first point is somewhat depends on individuals on how they view it and their status in business. Someone with very little money will definitely regard this as the disadvantage.  And almost everybody will see it that way. For others that know themselves as investors they will see it as an opportunity.  However, Matt provided an option for those on tight budget to run their business on 4 months installments deposits. This gives you the opportunity to profit and recover you investment on the first month.  Far more, you get free personal coaching.

More efforts.  Anyone with My Top Tier Business model will need to put in efforts to find and sell the high ticket products. You will make phone calls, meetings and continue to follow up on your prospects. However, the good news is My Top Tier Business created by Matt Lloyd is somewhat the opposite.

Phone sales team is provided for you and email follow-ups. In additional to that, Free 1 on 1 personal coaching is included to show and watch over your shoulder, giving you what, where and how to make the high ticket sales happen for you super-fast. That means, with less effort and few sales per month you will earn full-time income with my top tier business.

Similarity with MLM structure. My Top tier business, models top tier business structure which almost like MLM. Many will associate top tier business as MLM and paint a picture of a pyramid scheme. When having that similar structure, people will find it hard to convince prospects that it is not a pyramid scheme. However, top tier business can be your lucrative business if it is properly done and that’s why you will be coached on 1 on 1 basis when running your My Top Tier Business. 

In this video is a heavy  bona fide heavy metal rocker made $35049.65 and got his free Mercedes in less than 30 days.

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